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JCDA Strategic Plan

Jefferson County Development Authority Strategic Plan 2018

The Jefferson County Development Authority (JCDA) aims to increase and diversify the tax base for Jefferson County and provide new employment opportunities for our citizens through the attraction of new companies and the retention and expansion of existing businesses.


  • Business Attraction
  • Business Retention & Expansion
  • Workforce Development
  • Small Business/Entrepreneurial Support
  • Jefferson County Promotion/Tourism Support
  • Community Development
Goal #1 – Business Attraction 
Objective #1 – Market remaining lots in Burr Business Park (BBP)
Objective #2 – Increase prospect activity
Objective #3 – Maintain list of readily available sites for new commercial enterprises and/or business relocation/expansion
Objective #4 – Explore feasibility of shell building construction for Burr Business Park
Objective #5 – Identify regulatory impediments to economic development at all levels of government and take steps to positively change the business climate


Goal #2 – Business Retention and Expansion 
Objective #1 – Increase number of business retention visit throughout Jefferson County
Objective #2 – Identify issues facing businesses and opportunities for expansion/economic development
Objective #3 – Create and implement business recognition activities


Goal #3 – Workforce Development 
Objective #1 – Improve linkages between education, businesses, and workforce development about available resources and programs
Objective #2 – Promote workforce educational opportunities in Eastern Panhandle to ensure available jobs are filled with “ready-to-work” properly trained/qualified employees


Goal #4 – Small Business/Entrepreneurial Support 
Objective #1 – Provide resources for small business start-ups and entrepreneurs
Objective #2 – Solicit ideas from students and millennials for economic and community development


Goal #5 – Jefferson County Promotion/Tourism Support 
Objective #1 – Tell the Jefferson County “story”
Objective #2 – Improve the JCDA website/SEO
Objective #3 – Improve “first-impression” appearance of Jefferson County
Objective #4 – Update appearance of the Jefferson County Public Services building
Objective #5 – Obtain professional opinion research data to guide strategic economic development strategies and expenditures


Goal #6 – Community Development 
Objective #1 – Maintain good relationships with business leaders, elected officials and others at the municipal, county, state, and federal levels
Objective #2 – Support community initiatives/projects that impact economic vitality and quality of life