Executive Committee – The JCDA Executive Committee will meet Tuesday, November 12, at 4 p.m. at the Jefferson County Public Services Center located at 1948 Wiltshire Road in Kearneysville. Agenda

  • Neil McLaughlin, President
  • Michelle Sudduth, Vice President
  • Julia Yuhasz, Secretary
  • James Gatz, Governmental and Legislative Affairs Committee Chair
  • Greg Mason, Agriculture Committee Chair

Except as otherwise specifically limited by a majority vote of the Board, the Executive Committee shall be responsible for the routine business of the Authority between the regular meetings of the members and shall have all the powers of the membership, subject to, however, to the ratification and approval of later rejection by the membership. It shall have general charge of the finances and property of the Authority and shall have authority to make disbursements for necessary and routine expenses, and may grant to any committee a reasonable amount of money needed for special work, provided such amount shall not exceed the budget allowance for such work as previously approved by the Authority. The Executive Committee shall review issues that may or may not come before the members of the authority and, if appropriate, make recommendations to the members concerning such issues.

Business Development & Marketing Committee 

  • Neil McLaughlin, Chair
  • Dave Dinges
  • Chris Gaidrich
  • James Gatz
  • Bob Gillette
  • Patsy Noland
  • Michelle Sudduth

The primary duty of the Business Development and Marketing Committee shall be to develop strategies that encourage businesses to locate to Jefferson County and to assist existing businesses with efforts that attract jobs and foster growth in the community. The Committee will review and provide guidance on the Authority’s business development and marketing strategies while ensuring that the Authority is appropriately targeting and effectively utilizing the opportunities that exist in the marketplace. The Committee will work to identify future opportunities to develop suitable industrial/business sites. The Committee shall have the duty to develop any and all projects toward economic improvement consistent with the West Virginia Code and deemed prudent by the Authority.

Agriculture Committee   

  • Greg Mason, Chair
  • Bob Gillette
  • Christy Huddle
  • Gary Kable

The primary duty of the Agriculture Development Committee shall be to identify, develop, and promote agriculture, and agriculture-related business within the county.

Governmental and Legislative Affairs Committee – The JCDA Governmental and Legislative Affairs Committee will meet Thursday, November 14, at 7 p.m. at Charles Town City Hall located at 101 East Washington Street, Charles Town. Agenda

  • James Gatz, Chair
  • Sean Feigo
  • Christy Huddle
  • Patsy Noland
  • Mike Tolbert
  • Julia Yuhasz

The primary duty of the Governmental and Legislative Affairs Committee shall be to develop policies and act as liaison between the Authority and governmental/legislative bodies and in furtherance of the Authority’s activities.

Strategic Plan Committee (Ad Hoc) 

  • Michelle Sudduth, Co-Chair
  • Julia Yuhasz, Co-Chair
  • Sean Feigo
  • James Gatz
  • Bob Gillette
  • Christy Huddle
  • Greg Mason