Operating Costs

Jefferson County is committed to providing its industry partners with a supportive and inexpensive business environment. Its low labor costs, inexpensive, abundant energy, and proximity to major markets make it a nationally competitive choice for every kind of business. Commercial real estate and operating costs are no exception. Commercial property in Jefferson County is abundant and competitively priced, often 30 percent lower than in adjacent counties.

KindAvg. CostKindAvg. CostKindAvg. Cost
Class A$18-20Small$14Top location, pad ready, all utilities750K per acre
Class B$14-15Medium$19Good location, pad ready, all utilities500K per acre
Class C$10-12Large$20-21Raw highway/commercial/ land, with utilities100K per acre
Warehouse/Industrial$4-5 per sqftRaw commercial/industrial land, no utilities25K per acre


Jefferson County also structures a competitive business property tax for equipment, furniture, and fixtures, used in a business. The assessed value of business property is 60 percent of appraised value.

Our county also strives to maintain a low operating cost for your business whenever possible. While gross receipts tax is paid to the state, the county does not collect a gross receipts tax.

Jefferson County Business Incentives

Conducting business Jefferson County is nothing short of advantageous. In addition to the tax and business incentives listed below, we also offer three exclusive services for businesses growing or relocating in Jefferson County.

Jefferson County Business Incentives
Nominal commercial impact fees Commercial impact fees in Jefferson County are discounted by 99 percent.
Payment in lieu of tax (PILOT) program
Fast-track permittingDepending on the complexity of your project, you may be able to secure fast-track permitting rights, plan status, schedules, and reviews that help you achieve your goals in a shorter than standard turnaround time.


A full list of state and local incentives can be accessed on the West Virginia Department of Commerce Development Office website.