Eastern Panhandle Entrepreneurs Forum

The Eastern Panhandle Entrepreneurs Forum (EPEF) provides free networking and support to small business owners and promotes the formation and growth of innovative new businesses in the Eastern Panhandle.

A collaboration between Jefferson, Berkeley, and Morgan counties, EPEF meets quarterly on the first Thursday of the month in February, May, August, and November, and rotates between the three counties. More information can be found on the EPEF’s Facebook and Twitter pages. You may also sign up for EPEF updates by emailing epef@jcda.net.

February 5, 2015 The Purple Iris, Martinsburg
May 7, 2015 CANCELLED
August 6, 2015 The Bavarian Inn, Charles Town
November 5, 2015 The Purple Iris, Martinsburg
February 4, 2016 Charles Town
 *Past topics have included working with the media to promote your business, product development, trademarks and legal entities, pros and cons of online business, tax issues, and risk management.